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Passports, Visa & Travel Documents

Viking will send you a number of notifications via email as your departure date nears, including your booking confirmation, payment receipts and, if you purchased your air travel from Viking, logistical information about your air travel and transfers. You will also receive links to short cultural videos that illuminate your destination, a link to your itinerary’s thoughtfully curated reading list and filmography, and other information that complements your journey. Be sure your email account is set up to receive communications from Viking so that these messages can find their way to you.

Obtaining Your Travel Documents

In order to travel to, from or through the United States of America (including San Juan) and Canada, British Citizens must hold a valid 10 year British biometric passport with a minimum of 6 months validity remaining from the return date of your cruise, plus an electronic travel authority visa (ESTA or eTA). ESTA for America is valid for 2 years for visits up to 90 days and eTA for Canada is valid for 5 years. To avoid any problems, we strongly advise that you obtain your ESTA and eTA visas in plenty of time before your cruise departure date from the UK. Please keep a copy of your ESTA and eTA with you at all times when you travel.

For further information and to apply for ESTA for America, please visit:

For further information and to apply for eTA for Canada, please visit:

If you are not in possession of a British biometric passport, it is your responsibility to check the relevant visa requirements for your nationality.

Hotel Stays

Available on Select Itineraries and Extensions

If you are taking a cruisetour or a pre- or post-cruise land extension, your trip will feature one or more hotel nights. Whether you are travelling in Europe, Russia, or Asia, Viking always partners with high-quality hotels hand selected for their advantageous location. See below for more information about your hotel experience.