The Thinking Person’s Expedition

Created for curious, experienced travelers

Before You Go

We provide our guests with insights so they can get the most out of their journey, from destination-relevant filmographies that inspire wanderlust to recommended reading that informs and enlightens. Because of the remote nature of these destinations, we also provide advice on how to prepare for the journey, from packing advice to fitness tips.

On Board

Every detail is designed to appeal to the thinking traveler. Learn about the destinations with enriching lectures on geology, glaciology, marine biology, ornithology and more; gain an overview of activities to come during daily briefings; join our Viking Resident Scientists in the Laboratory or learn more at your leisure in our specially curated library.

On Shore

Our shore landings invite guests to engage on a deeper level by assisting in fieldwork or interacting in experiential activities. They might track birds to help identify migratory patterns, walk within view of captivating wildlife, or take a camera or field microscope ashore alongside the expedition leader to capture landscapes untouched by human hands.