Partnerships & Experts

Viking Resident Scientists provide valuable insight

Exclusive Scientific Partnerships

Viking has partnered with the University of Cambridge’s Scott Polar Research Institute, whose scientists will undertake fieldwork on board our expedition ships and join our voyages to share their expertise with our guests. We have also partnered with the globally recognized Cornell Lab of Ornithology, whose ornithologists will regularly be on board, field testing new observation methods and providing guest advice and interaction.

Viking Resident Scientists

Our partner institutions provide each expedition’s Viking Resident Scientists. Every journey will be accompanied by a team of at least 36 experts, including our Viking Expedition Team and Viking Resident Scientists, ranging from biologists, botanists, geologists, glaciologists, oceanographers and ornithologists to polar experts and researchers. These scientists will work in our onboard Laboratory and offer guests a unique opportunity to learn about and participate in ongoing research.

Experienced Expedition Team

The Viking Expedition Team is led by Jørn Henriksen, who grew up and lived in Arctic Norway for over 45 years and worked there in expedition management for 25 years, and Dr. Damon Stanwell-Smith, a marine biologist with a 27-year career involved with the Antarctic. They are joined by our experienced expedition staff, photographer, and submarine pilots, as well as legendary polar explorers Liv Arnesen and Ann Bancroft, our ships' godmothers.