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Expedition Equipment

A variety of ways to explore, at no extra charge

Ship Hangar RIB

The Hangar

An industry first, this enclosed in-ship marina permits the launch of small excursion craft through the ship’s slipway. Guests can embark on RIBs shielded from wind and waves from a flat, stable surface inside the ship and glide into the water to depart on their excursion. They re-enter The Hangar after excursions via the slipway to the protected marina before disembarking their RIBs.


Our two, 12-seater oceangoing RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) are built for exploration. A dual water jet system, individually suspended seats and—when converted to a covered RIB—the option to sit in an enclosed cabin are all industry-leading features.


Designed for professional use in the harshest of environments, our fleet of Military Pro zodiacs are reinforced throughout yet comfortable enough for a day of exploring.


Our 2-seater kayaks offer superb stability and are easy to operate. These Arctic-tested kayaks have a pedal system that lets kayakers glide through the water hands-free, maximizing photo opportunities, or guests can use a paddle if preferred.


Our large-capacity submarines comfortably accommodate 6 guests and a pilot for an incomparable undersea experience. The revolving seats plus nearly 270° spherical windows offer an undistorted view in all directions for every guest.

Viking Expedition Kit

The Viking Expedition Kit provides everything guests need, from the use of boots and binoculars to waterproof pants; plus, for polar regions, a Viking Expedition Jacket to keep. For relevant excursions, specialty items like trekking poles, snowshoes and skis are included with our Viking Excursion Gear.