Award-Winning Service

Thoughtful attention from our Swiss-trained, English-speaking staff.

  • Employer of Choice

    Our highly experienced management brings many years of expertise in cruising to your entire journey and handpicks each member of our onboard team. Rigorous training and inspiring leadership make Viking the employer of choice, which allows us to select the very best people to care for you, from stateroom stewards to the Captain.

  • Warm Hospitality

    We are dedicated to providing warm hospitality to our guests and ensuring everyone feels at home on board our ships. Our crew retention rate of about 80% as of December 31, 2023 is a source of great pride.

  • Our Service Guarantee

    We have over 10,000 staff members worldwide devoted to making your stay on board as memorable as possible. We are so confident we will exceed your expectations that we are the only cruise line to guarantee its award-winning service.