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About Lofoten

Henningsvaer, Lofoten, Norway

Home to some of Norway’s most breathtaking vistas of jagged peaks and sheltered bays, the Lofoten Islands stretch 118 miles into the Norwegian Sea. Ships in the harbor of the archipelago’s charming capital, Svolvær, are dwarfed by the hulking massifs rising from the waters. The setting was ideal for Viking settlements, which spread across these mountainous islands in the early Viking Age. Cod has long been harvested from the waters as the fish come here from the Barents Sea to spawn. The freshly caught fish are hung to dry on large A-frame wooden racks (hjell) in the cold air and wind, then shipped to market. More recently, the fishing has been done from the traditional rorbus, charming fishing cottages that hover above the waters on stilts. The Lofoten Islands are a beautiful place any time of year, but the summertime midnight sun illuminates their magnificent glory around the clock. Though located 122 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the archipelago enjoys a temperate climate during the summer months.