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About Haifa

Bahá'í gardens, Haifa, Israel

Built on the slopes of Mount Carmel and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Haifa is one of Israel’s most important and beautiful cities. It is second only to Tel Aviv as a cultural hub on Israel’s coast, with a lively scene unfolding in theaters, museums, performing arts venues and film festivals. Pilgrims of the Bahá’í faith flock to Haifa to visit the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, a series of breathtaking terraces draped upon Mount Carmel. Each of the 18 terraces represents one of the disciples who followed the Báb, founder of the faith, who is entombed in a stunning golden-domed shrine at the gardens’ apex. Mount Carmel also holds significance to the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. Most notably, this is said to be the spot where Elijah’s sacrifice by fire miraculously ended a drought. Nearby, the ancient city of Acre provides a fascinating glimpse into one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. The entirety of its Old City, once a center for the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of immense cultural and historic importance.